Thursday, May 21, 2009


Autumn turned into winter yesterday.  The autumn colours are still around but there is snow falling in the hills.  The wood pile is making itself useful and the cat is a heat seeking missile.
I have been making my sister gifts for her birthday,  a red felted bag and a toilet roll cover.  The latter was a pretend present to begin with but has become a real thing.  It will be given with as much love as the bag and will be sadly missed.
We are driving north tomorrow and hope the weather is kind to us on the way.  We are glad to have the cold weather as its means that we will soon be snowboarding on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu.  I dread the first dismount from the chairlift on the first day but I usually survive,  surprising myself with a stylish if not vocal exit.
Keep warm and long live soup.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tea Cozy

I have just completed this cozy for a retail outlet I have in Wellington.  They are a joy to creat and  are very photogenic.  This one has a red knitted lining for extra warmth.