Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ramari Textiles Shop

My new shop is nearly ready to open and it looks like it will be next weekend - 5th or 6th June.
Yay it's taken a while but today I sanded and scrubbed the floor which was the last major job. Now I have to fill it with all kinds of colourful stuff and wait for punters to come in and be amazed (hopefully) and spend some money.
Also this week I was featured in a Wellington magazine called Fishhead. It was in an article about Carterton and all the arty crafty things happening here. Grab a copy if you can. Also featured were Agnes Coy and Harman and Harman also known to me as Alison and Lisa. We have started "Made In Carterton", banding together to promote Carterton and each other. Look out for our cards in information centres, cafes and retailers around the Wairarapa and beyond. A new gallery, Red Moa, is opening soon in Carterton next to Bambino Cafe. I am printing some of my Carterton cushions for the owner, Andrea. Thanks Andrea for adding to the creative community and making our town even more interesting.
Its all go thats for sure and the weather is decidedly cold but that is good because it means snow is falling somewhere and I like snow.
Better go and feed the chooks now as they go to bed early these days and best not forget the cat!

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al said...

Roll on the 5th June!!