Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making a Shed a Shop

Yesterday was by first day of business and although I had no sales I did have some visitors. Today the weather is not suited to being out and about unless you are a duck or very keen.
When the rain did ease up a wee while ago I had a visit from a friend who I was printing some Carterton cushions for. They turned out well and are going to going into her new gallery in Carterton called Red Moa. It will be opening soon and will be fabulous!
It was fun yesterday setting up the shop as being inside is a bit of a novelty after years of doing outside markets and having to contend with all sorts of weather. So calm reigns supreme in my small but perfectly formed retail outlet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leanne, Stephanie here. Your link to so tread softly needs to be updated as its been moved.

Love the blog and the website - looking forward to it being up and running.

Ka kite ano