Monday, August 16, 2010

Silk and Wool and More

What a busy few weeks I've had! My shop is going ok with 4 visitors yesterday which is great for a monday. I spent the weekend at Castlepoint Beach tutoring a Silkpainting workshop to a group of women from all over the Wairarapa. It was lovely but busy. Great company and all my meals supplied - what more could you ask for! We made brooches out of the silk though some kept their piece as a scarf or headband. I love painting on silk and hope to more soon when there is a spare moment.
I have also been knitting and felting bangles after seeing the idea on the net. I have made some smaller ones too to go on a long lace or strap around the neck. I found some 70's crochet patterns and have been trying them out with a windmill looking flower that will be either a brooch or be sewn on to a cushion.

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Glassroots said...

Loving those windmills..."Get excited and make things!"Wahoo!