Monday, December 15, 2008

Our local Christmas parade was very entertaining and diverse this year.  It was a brilliant day and we had a friend visiting from Gisborne so we got to show her how the community comes together and drives slowly down the main street with the help of the local brass and pipe band.  Then it was home to smell the sweetpeas and to have lunch in the garden. 
I have been meaning to send a photo of our cat to the pet page in the saturday Dominion for ages.  He loves to help out when I hang the towels on the line, if helping is the right word!
I recently put a painting into an exhibition at Aratoi in Masterton for their 'Little Jewels'.  One of my crocheted flowers was the subject.  There were loads of beautiful little jewels on display from all around the Wairarapa.
I am busy making another tea cozy for an outlet I have in Wellington called Vessel.  They have lots of great ceramics and are getting into stocking more textiles work.  Also I have just purchased a knitting machine which is all very exciting.  I bought it off a lovely women who belongs to knitting machine club.  I am looking forward to creating on my new machine!
My knitting needles are calling so Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!

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