Friday, August 28, 2009

Cloth Doll and Tui

I have just finished a doll made from linen and with a filling of carded sheeps fleece. I am giving it to a friends daughter for her birthday. I plan to make more. I enjoyed inventing and making up the dress and then crocheting a wee hat with glass beads. She has a small contented face and no shoes. Its great to use all those small bits of fabric that I find so hard to get rid of.
We have had visits from Tuis's in our apricot tree and they are very photogenic.


paperpest said...

I love her serene face and her crocheted hair.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

I've been looking for a while for a cloth doll that was similar to the one I have (half) made and yours has finally arrived on my screen. She's lovely well done. My own girl is also cotton, stuffed with sheep wool, with carded wool hair. She's no dress yet, that's the next challenge!

al said...

She's stunning. So peaceful with a certain flapper 1920's look about her. I'm sure that the little girl will treasure her.
That shot of the tui is quite amazing. Lovely shot!