Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring Fever

Has been a wee while since I last posted any news or photos so here goes. Have been laid up for the last week with some nasty flu and am recovering slowly. Beautiful spring weather has helped with blossoms and songful birds filling up the garden. I have been working on embroided and felted brooches and have posted a few samples. They are a great project for a winters night and reasonably fast to complete. There is always some project that I am working on and at the moment it is tea cozies (again). They are very bright and girly and I love them. Also I am trying to build up stock for upcoming events that I am taking part in - (more info later).
We are also working on an old army hut on our property to use as a shop for all my creations but that is a wee way away yet and will be very exciting when it does happen. We are near the end of turning an old garden shed into a fabulous kitchen, yesterday all the plumbing was completed which was a biggie in the progress department.
It sounds like it is all go this spring and all I can say is that it is! Being sick does'nt help but allows time for rest and planning for the busy future. Summer sounds good!

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